The Story of AIR Bar Part 1

My journey into the fitness industry began at 18 years old and 200 lbs. I’d hit a wall, needed a change and decided to pivot hard and move my life from the desert in Tucson, AZ to Tahoe, CA and explore some new opportunities. I needed fresh air, big trees, inspired hippie friends and most of all I needed to reinvent myself and seriously step up my game.


I’d passed on college and had a hunger for world travel so I got a job at a local gym for two reasons: To save money for airfare and get my ass in shape mentally and physically. I started at the front desk but within two months I was a group fitness instructor, front desk manager and account executive of the club. I liked the sense of community and pride people took in how they looked and felt. It was an epic tribe I will never forget.


But one year in I cashed in my savings and hit the road working with Club Med in Mexico and The Dominican Republic. It was exactly the education I needed and that job will go down as the MOST important event in my life up until then. I studied the culture, learned to speak Spanish and a little bit of French, took in the fashion and had a chance to perform musical numbers for the guests at the hotel which totally satisfied my Broadway fantasy. It was a dream job and I was finally living in a paradise of my own making teaching fitness on the beach and mingling with interesting people from around the world. I was learning so much and growing so fast that my magic was on point and I fell in love for the first time.


It’s been my experience that true love will rock your world and sometimes make you do crazy things that looking back you can’t believe you actually did. If you’re not careful it can also pull you so far off of your path that by the time you turn around to see how far you’ve gone, you feel completely lost.


I decided to follow someone else’s path and ended up in a pay phone booth in Montreal in the winter of 2003 booking a one way ticket back to my Mom’s house in Idaho to catch my breath and make a plan.


4 years later I graduated from The University of Idaho with a  degree in Sport Science and a firm resolve to start my own fitness company.


But first I needed an epic internship and some cash.


I moved to a little beach town on the tip of The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico called Tulum. I lived in a hut on the edge of the water and read by candle light every night. I got really into Yoga and Latin Dancing and started to build community with my coworkers and clients that would come from around the world to attend retreats at the hotel where I lived.


Suddenly I was back in the dream. It had taken awhile but I was there in paradise living the simple life and feeling more alive and magical than ever.


So of course I fell in love.



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