BODY Language

I can still feel the sensation of nervous sweat pouring off my face, dripping into my eyes blurring the excited, expectant faces of 15 French tourists. Chic Europeans decked out in designer spandex waiting for the introduction to a step aerobics class at Club Med. I was 21 years old and getting a sweet taste of reality as I realized that I probably shouldn’t have fibbed and said I spoke fluent French on my resume.


For the next hour I communicated through hand gestures, winks, funny faces and the deep belief that the only way to make it would be to (with love and courage) fake it.


This was a beautiful lesson in the power of body language and the first time I realized that movement and energy say just as much to those around us as our spoken words.


In 2015 I couldn’t move. I felt crushed under the weight of a failed attempt at business and the end of my marriage. I suddenly understood my clients struggles on a deeper level. I got it. And I knew the only was out was to move. Not around the pain, not to dull the ache but to push through the sensation of sadness one breath at a time until I could feel something besides guilt, shame, loss and a deep dark loneliness.


The AIR Bar started as a hack. A way to channel my anger and rage. The movement was my therapy and I would crave the feeling of the wood in my hands as I punched and kicked to loud, intense EDM. I would yell, grunt and sometimes cry as I released heavy, stagnant energy from the deepest places inside my body.


One day the movement softened. It became more fluid and subtle. My hips made circles and I started to come alive in a new way. There was a warrior waking up inside me. I’d collected all the pieces and put them back together but I had transformed into a new version of myself and I was strong, I was brave and capable of magic.


The movement was my practice, more intense than yoga, less rigid than Pilates, more simple than choreographed dance classes and more graceful than lifting weights. AIR Bar became my medicine and although I had been teaching the class for several years at retreats around the world, I suddenly had the urge to share it on a larger scale. AIR Bar’s time had come and I could feel a movement revolution under way.


AIR is an acronym that stands for Active Internal Resistance Training. The AIR Bar is a 4 foot wooden stick used to align the body, activate deep core muscles and channel energy. AIR Bar was designed to help balance, stabilize and strengthen the body from the inside out. The side effects are increased confidence, a feeling of hope and courage and the will to reach for our ultimate potential no matter what life is currently serving up. 


When I teach the class there is very little need for verbal communication as my body language and energy are what the participants respond to. I’ve done away with reps and eight counts and instead use the rhythm of the music to inspire the movement as it happens in the moment making the experience intuitive, fresh and powerfully present.


When emotion meets movement a powerful energy is awakened inside. Our connection deepens and we find new ways of expressing everything we feel but still can’t convey with words. Movement is the language we speak when we say nothing and it holds the key to unlocking our greatest potential. An activated, aligned movement practice works like a hack to hours of meditation and journaling. In an instant movement begins to recalibrate our energetic vibration so we can flow more easily through all life has to offer, the dark and the light.


The truth is that movement has saved my life countless times. I know looking back that my soul recognized the brilliance in building a life around fitness training because it forces me to stay in motion and connected to my deeper truth.


My purpose is to create fitness experiences mixing music, movement, breath and thought designed to inspire, uplift, motivate and MOVE you. AIR Bar is my ritual, my medicine and my blueprint for communication without words.