The Story of AIR Bar Part 2

It’s been my experience in life that when you are very clear about what it is you desire, the fulfillment of that desire manifests easily and beautifully with very little pushing, struggling and effort.


This was the case in the winter of 2008. As I walked across the stage and received my diploma from The University of Idaho I was dreaming of exotic people and white sand beaches. I was on my way to Mexico and had just landed my dream job as the fitness trainer at a popular workout resort on an exclusive, up and coming stretch of sand on the Yucatan Peninsula.


Everything felt perfect. I was pure magic and life could not be headed in a better direction. I was making decent money, doing what I loved and living in paradise. I wanted to stay forever but the Universe had other plans.


There was an ache in my gut and a knowing sensation that was leading me away from the comfort of my current situation into the dark and wild unknown. So I packed my bags and went “big” moving to New York City in the fall of 2010.


I took a blind leap and landed a sweet sublet in the West Village. Within two weeks I had started an in-home personal training business and was working out with clients all over the City from Harlem to Tribeca I was hustling and loving the fast pace of life in Manhattan. I landed a modeling gig with Fila and felt like my professional goals were right at my finger tips. Like magic I was manifesting my career exactly as I had seen it in my mind.


I thought I was on track but after a year in NYC I felt energetically overwhelmed and exhausted by my fast paced life, rigid diet, insane exercise routine and my need to be perfect, beautiful, successful, wealthy and a girl boss on top of my game.


One day a client looked me in the eye and said “what’s your real dream Kiya?” The question startled me but the answer fell out of my mouth as if it were just sitting on my tongue waiting. “I want to open a fitness retreat company and start hosting adventure fitness holidays in Costa Rica.” By the time I had finished the sentence I was already planning my escape from the City back to the beach and a more natural environment where I thrive… where I belong.


I bought a plane ticket and convinced my fiancé at the time to join me in an ultimate entrepreneurial mission to Central America. He would be the chef, I would teach fitness and we would hire a local team to take care of the rest. In theory it sounded simple but the reality of creating Weightless Escape was far from easy.


We were running a fitness camp and I was busy AF but deep inside there was something else emerging. A class, a way of moving, a technology, a protocol, a hack for all the meditation, journaling, therapy and story telling.


Early every morning in Playa Hermosa I would make a cup of strong coffee and head out to the back deck where I would bump EDM into the jungle and move my body while I watched the biomechanics of what I was doing in a big sliding glass door that served as my mirror.


I grabbed sticks off the beach and added an element of internal resistance training to my new class and AIR Bar was born.


The name AIR Bar literally came as a download while I wrote out the theory of Active Internal Resistance Training, the 3 B’s and the 3 Lines of Defense. The program was very simple but not easy and it would take courage and a sense of humor to teach my participants movements that even I wasn’t that comfortable with yet. It was a lot like twerking but I knew inside it was energy medicine and I trusted the process.


I started teaching AIR Bar on a regular basis in Costa Rica and every time I taught a class I would learn something new about this crazy, wild, powerful movement technology.