3 Minute Ego Tamer Meditation

Practicing Kundalini (coiled energy) Yoga every day this year I learned a "Kriya" (small movement) called "Ego Eradicator." 


It's awesome except I don't want to "eradicate" my ego, she's the bomb.com and I need her.


Although from time to time without guidance + discipline she gets out of control.


It's normal, we've all been there pointing our finger at someone justifying why they are responsible for our discomfort.


Except, you are me and I am you.


So even though we exist in a world of duality where you express in your own unique way, we are all connected energetically.


Whether you believe it or not, what effects you also has an impact on me. 


Everything is changing and evolving all the time so now that I understand the technology of Kundalini (which means "coiled energy") I am, of course creating my own unique breathwork meditations for the 21st century digital age and what I feel like the people in my life need + want the most.


The class is 14 minutes because I explain the process like a science geek but you can feel free to skip ahead to the 3 minute breathwork meditation.


3 minutes will have a massive effect on your energy, your day and over time shift your reality so you can shape your life.