3 Minute "Breath of Fire" BEDitation - ENERGY WORK

Last year when a wild fire took out the life I'd been hustling to create for 5 years, I surrendered.


It only took 37 years, haha!


Instead of looking for myself outside in the 3D world, I tried something new - I went in.


I've been practicing breathwork every morning in bed for one full year but I'm not even going to "brag" about what has happened in my life and body since I began this practice.


In fact, I got a new tattoo on my wrist that says "don't speak." 


Not only is it one of my all time favorite No Doubt songs, it's also a reminder that after you take the plunge and commit to an energy work practice, you need to talk much anymore, people can feeeeeel you. 


I'm super stoked to hear how this 3 minutes of Breath of Fire feels at first and then what changes you notice as a result of incorporating breathwork into your day FIRST thing in the morning. 


We are all creating this project together and the more you share your experience the more I can support you in finding ways that address your specific desires + needs.