7 Laws of the Natural World

Ever notice repeating patterns in nature?


And history seems to repeat itself?


Seasons, equinox, solstice, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.


A couple years ago I started noticing the number 7.


7 deadly sins, 7 heavenly virtues, 7 physical body chakras (energy centers) and 7 laws of the natural world.



I grew up close to nature in Sitka, Alaska so moving to the “lower 48” and being exposed to fast food, freeways, shopping malls and television was super exciting + hypnotic, at first.


Working internationally as an outdoor adventure fitness trainer for two decades I realize that living in a city for a period of time is a drain on my energy.


Everything is energy.


Living in Manhattan + LA was exciting, great for my career and I always became ill mentally and physically.


I love technology, fashion, fancy food + most everything that comes with human evolution + the 21st century digital age.


And what I’ve learned + experienced = know for sure is that we are being collectively called back to the wisdom of Planet Earth right now.


Mother Gaia is a living, breathing, thinking, feeling bio organism.


She’s a being with emotions (energy In motion) who deserves our respect, attention + deep caring soul type love.


We’ve forgotten the lessons that she teaches us, the comfort she provides + the chaos which is inevitable if we treat her like she doesn’t matter, doesn’t exist.


2 years ago a wild fire burned through my fantasy life on Latigo Canyon in the “richest” city in the USA. After 4 years of hustling to climb the social ladder + collaborating with the “best” in the biz made this natural disaster traumatic on a heart + soul level.


I felt defeated, frustrated, scared and hopeless.


Without a material life I learned who my people are and my circle got small for a moment.


Experiencing obnoxious anxiety all night and crippling depression during the day led me to take massive action to save my business, my life.


For my family, my friends, clients, myself + the humans I aspire to serve.


Breathwork is a game changer so for two years, most mornings I practiced breathing in nature.


Since breathing is the #1 core human need for survival on Planet Earth, this made sense.


Breathing rhythmically took me deep inside + brought me into direct connection with information that felt familiar in an ancient + true way.


Wisdom passed from my ancestors, ascended masters, angels, saints, guides + my own soul.


As a clairaudient (I listen to messages from source), I began hearing + intuiting communications from Planet Earth about how to maximize my human potential + heal from the trauma I’ve been lugging around most my life.


The 7 laws of the natural world are a blueprint to understanding the nature of reality.


Which is a direct reflection of our own human nature.


Want to heal, rejuvenate, build + protect your body + life?


Need a game plan for thriving in uncertain times beyond western medicine?


Ready to take the power which is your birthright back into your own hands?


Craving deeper connection on a soul level with the Earth + humans despite living through darker circumstances?


I recommend memorizing these 7 laws of the natural world.


Then, get out into nature.


Walk barefoot on the Earth.


Send a grounding cord from your root to the center of the Planet and feel the support and stability she provides.


Dance with her energies, marvel at her divine beauty + become compassionate to her moods.


Serve her, with all your heart in every way everyday and watch how the magic + miracles begin to appear as if out of thin air.


Use your tech wisely to share your message + share with others. And incorporate these 7 laws into your life, relationships, career + families to create a reality where chasing your dreams is no longer required because you are magnetizing your life instead.


Hustle + Release = Flow and Energy is electro-magnetic.


So being in harmony, peace + love with the natural world will attract your heart’s desires sustainably.


It is the law of nature.


#1: Law of Vibration: Like energy attracts like energy.


How to apply: Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t.


#2: Law of Relativity: Everything is perspective.

When you can see things from a multidimensional point of view you will have gained a superpower.


How to apply: Always be willing walk in another person’s shoes.


#3: Law of Cause and Effect: For every action there is an equal + opposite reaction.


How to apply: Remember that all thoughts, words and actions are creative. Be mindful what you wish for.


#4: Law of Polarity: Nothing exists without both negative and positive charge.

Atoms are the building blocks of matter and an atom does not exist without both negative and positive ions.

When negative and positive ions collide and creation friction there is a bang and that is how creation happens.

This is why “good vibes only” is a pretty silly concept to entertain.


How to apply: Look for the positive, be aware that it will always come with at least a bit of negative.


#5: Law of Rhythm: Everything has a cycle: Birth, Life, Death, Infinity.

Everything is changing all the time and this is why getting into a flow state works like magic.


How to apply: Hustle + Release = Flow.

Match your heart centered efforts with a balanced amount of play and emotional release.

Let yourself go, surrender + find your unique and “perfect” equilibrium.


#6: Law of Gestation: Everything takes time to manifest.

Thoughts, words and actions are like seeds.

You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Just like the 9 months it takes to grow a life inside a Mother’s womb, it takes time for dreams, intentions and wishes to manifest into material reality.


How to apply: Consistent daily rituals that move you in the direction of your ultimate desires are the key to long term success.

Never, ever, EVER give up.

You are most likely closer than you think to understanding your ultimate creative reality. Keep going.


#7: Law of Transmutation: Focus works like magic.

You will always manifest what you focus on.

Practicing focus + learning to stay focused is the key to creating more of what you really deep down desire.


How to apply: Daily breathwork, chanting and meditation practices are a fast way to hone your focus.

When you are with friends, family or on a date, practice focusing on what others are saying + try not to use your cell phone.


Excited to hear your feedback + changes you notice while living by these natural laws.


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