Active Internal Resistance (AIR) is the Future of Fitness



Active Internal Resistance Training is the future of movement technology.


AIR is the evolution of Isolated Body Part Training like Bodybuilding and Integrated Bodyweight Training like HIIT.


You need to start your fit journey with Active Internal Resistance Training because it connects you immediately and powerfully with the deep core lines of your body which provide stability and support for movement.


You wouldn’t take a Porsche out on the highway and run it 60 MPH in 1st gear.

That would ruin the car.


But that’s exactly what the hyper aggressive western fitness industry does to its clients and customers.


And then gyms and studios team up with rehabilitation and chiropractic clinics because they are detached from how to teach and maintain healthy, sustainable fitness programs.




Active Internal Resistance Training (AIR) will teach you how to move.


How to tune into your unique body and listen for cues about alignment and muscle activation.


Instead of going as hard as we can, as fast as we can to get results as quickly as possible…

We map out a long game.


Your game. Because you are a multidimensional being of light also.


You have needs and they must be met to stay fit and healthy sustainably. 


You can train yourself to be aware of your own body.


What it needs, how it works and how to make the small adjustments necessary to get the most out of your human machine over the span of your entire life.


To live more, love more, see more, be part of something interconnected and healing. 


Life is a marathon, not a sprint.


Having six pack abs feels great, if that’s what your body wants and can maintain healthfully.


If you’re reaching for super human goals beyond the truth about why you want it, you’re lost and your results will be temporary at best.


We practice AIR Bar Fit to create more: stability, mobility, balance and deep core connection.


Cause when you know yourself, you trust yourself.


Above all else.



The elements that create epic movement for a lifetime safely are contained in this website.


I've studied ancient movement and made it modern, fun, accessible.


And it's always a work in progress, feedback welcome. 


We'll show you how to activate the 3 Lines of Defense Against Dysfunctional Movement that can cause injury. And use them to move better in daily life.


How to move in a multidimensional matrix of space beyond three planes of motion. 


Why mobility is more important than flexibility and why you need to activate this super power yesterday to improve the quality of your life immediately.


You can take your power right back and make proper + powerful self form adjustments to keep your body safe and strong for life with AIR.


Your life.


Don’t just move, take the time to learn how your body moves so you can move well for life.