AIR Bar™ Online Fitness Studio



Ever dream of packing a small suitcase and hitting the road to see what else is out there and how others live + thrive?


Us too.


So the AIR Bar team is taking you along as we live and work as digital nomads. We're sharing all the places, people and wellness secrets that we discover as we travel, teach, motivate and inspire people who may not have access to world class personal trainers and cutting edge sport and energy science. 


Here's a sneak peak of some popular online AIR Bar classes:


Welcome to the Jungle


Dirty is Fun.

Play outside, push your body to the max and see what you're made of.

Muscle Beach : Bodyweight Activation Training.

24 minute circuit class.


This class was shot in 2014 in Tulum, MX - to date one of the wildest adventures in multi media fitness yet!

Check it out and enjoy the beach vibes.


click here to rock this class.



From the producers of MTV's Pimp My Ride


Studio City in LA:


Every Hero's Journey has steps.

1 month guest pass w/ AIR Bar™ purchase.

Connection w/ your body ... begins with your breath.


Deep Core Connection eXpress.

Less than ten minutes to get to your center. 

From here ... you can go anywhere.


checkout more on this class.



Into The Matrix of Movement

Do you have anything weirder than a treadmill ... to work this "crazy" out?


CREATIVE cardio 

a 20 minute attitude adjustment.

 find out how you can get your sweat on.


When Movement Meets Nature + Become Art


The electromagnetic energy frequency we receive from the Planet when we're closer to the Earth works like a natural anti-depressant.

This class is shot in the holy middle of nowhere outside Tulum, MX at an abandoned restaurant ... This was an epic fitness adventure I'll never forget. 

Circuit training is quick, simple and repetitive so you can focus more on how you feel + release emotional tension tied to habitual ways of thinking.


Learn more about relaxing flow classes.



Magick: "The Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with will."


 We are here to create.


Our bodies, businesses, families and our lives.


Now you have a way to create epic adventure every single day.


Get fit on your own terms, anytime from anywhere in the world. 


 3 ways to get AIR Bar Fit:




Grab a quick energy adjustment 10-20 minute classes


Train with Kiya Knight and the AIR Bar team 24/7 anytime, anywhere.



Transformation Adventures 


Having an epic adventure has the same effect on your body as falling in love.


No joke, this is the science and art of transformation.



Trainer Event + Digital Nomad Mentorship


For certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors.


Digital Nomad: A person with the freedom to live and work remotely from anywhere on the planet (w/ wifi).


Discover a life outside the gym.


You don't have to "grind" for your dreams.


Life is a marathon, not a sprint. 


Earn money + travel + lead AIR Bar™ Classes online, at hotels, retreats and events worldwide.


Make your "work" a purpose, a passion and a soul mission.


Create positive impact in people's lives. 





I "should" have been a human rights lawyer but I came here to PLAY OUTSIDE.


The closer I get to nature the more I understand my own nature and the nature of reality.


So I'm bringing nature to you, online and in person.


So you can experience the magic and miracle of activating your natural superpower.


I've always used the natural elements: Earth, Air, Fire & Water to fuel my creative vision.


 Growing up in ALASKA I learned how to survive in the WILD.


When you can create something, from nothing, no matter what life serves up ...


you have a skill set that makes most days feel more like an epic adventure and less like a chore. 

We are your personal transformation hype squad.


We got you.


I know I look like an intense viking and that can be intimidating.


I'm also a geeky small town kid w/ a deep curiosity + passion for living my best life.


I felt overweight and lonely plus a little desperate to escape my situation, so I got into fitness.


I dropped 60 lbs so I understand the struggle to find freedom and stability in your body and your life.


I've been told I'm skilled at making complex ideas feel simple and memorable.


Share your story, let's see what happens ...


We are more alike than you think. 


Tune in to the Activation Station at when you need a boost.

Escape to Mexico and let's go deep. 

Become a Leader + inspire others w/ AIR Bar™ Fitness.


I usually ask myself, what's the worst thing that can happen ?

Now, what's the BEST ?