What Is AIR Bar Fitness?

Ready to get DEEP?


Want to feel instantly tighter and lighter mentally and physically?


AIR BAR™ is a movement methodology developed by personal trainer and fitness instructor Kiya Knight to take you straight into your deep core and then rock your body with fat scorching cardio and release tension with soul stirring stretch all with very little impact on the joints. The practice is based on the science of Active Internal Resistance Training or AIR which boosts your deep core connection instantly and creates more movement stability and body awareness so it feels as good as it is affective.


Get aligned Body + Mind.


AIR BAR is where energy science meets exercise science. Kiya will lead you on a journey through your energy system and help you get aligned with a powerful, positive perspective that will transform the way you see your body and the world you live in.


AIR BAR is the ultimate physical, mental, emotional and energetic daily realignment. Using AIR we can begin to master control of our movements so we feel stronger and more powerful in our bodies and our lives. This class is where integrated body weight training meets rhythm, stretch and athletic training.


The AIR BAR™ is a 4 foot wood bar used to help realign the body to help with posture and form. The bar is used as a tool to activate the deep core so that more muscles become involved during movement, the energy cost of your workout increases and fat burning goes through the roof.


AIR creates more stable, powerful and effective movement. Because AIR Bar movements are precise and performed synergistically throughout the entire body, you burn more calories and build long lean muscle without the impact of high intensity exercise modalities.


Class begins with a joint by joint warm up designed to relax the nervous system and prepare participants for a mind body workout. Dynamic deep core activations wake up the large muscles and isometric exercises reshape the body from the inside out. Class finishes with an energy systems blast of heart pumping cardio and a cool down and stretch.


This “off the wall” bar class is a body rocking, soul stirring combination of warrior stick fighting, body sculpting and fat burning cardio.