Full LIVE Class + DJ - FREE


Live AIR Bar Fitness never goes out of style.


I've been pouring my creative energy and a lot of other resources into AIR Bar™ Fitness ever since.


No matter what life served up, this is the practice that kept me feeling ALIVE.


Enjoy this live class with a DJ + original beats we created together in his AZ studio with all the Kiya Fire energy that keeps us pumped and looking ahead to greatness.


Then drop me a quick note in the private Facebook group to share your personal experience with the moves, the music and primal vibes.


I create for us all together as one so your notes + feedback matter. 


Congrats on being a strong, sexy, bad ass, curious, explorer of the unknown.


Your kind is rare so stay aware of your magic.


Always know your worth. 


Stay tuned in and turned on to who you really are.