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Hey, I'm Kiya.


Welcome to AIR Bar Fit. 













We're all born with innate skills and one of mine is understanding people's emotions (energy in motion) without having to use a lot of words.


Personal Training has always been a fit because I can feel people's deepest desires and wildest dreams.


Sometimes even before they do.


I  see + believe in the versions of YOU that you may have forgot even exist or just haven't discovered, yet. 


I've spent years studying "best" healthy lifestyle practices because I always believed I was more than the world taught me to think I am.


Now it's time to show you how I creatively "break the rules". 


Life seems like a game sometimes, that's what makes it fun.


Especially when you feel light enough to experience genuine play. 


I've crafted an unusual career teaching my clients how to "play" outside and explore the Natural World because I know the importance of recess for optimum mental & physical wellness.


For every problem there is solution, but in order to get there you need a proven formula.


Here are a few of my favorite equations to create movement magic in your life: 


Know yourself = Trust yourself


That's the formula for intuition and it works like a super power to transform any difficult situation you may face. 


Resistance + Release = FLOW


This is a formula for becoming a magnetic human so you can start attracting and stop chasing what you really want. 


 You need to know how to work with both positive and negative energies to create change


When I can't move, it's usually because I'm trying NOT to feel something and the pressure of faking it is causing energetic build up in my body that feels like anxiety + depression.


Over time repressed emotions can naturally erupt causing chaos in your life and relationships, especially your relationship w/ yourself.


"Letting go" means going through "it" and being really honest about what you feel, all the way to the other side.


That's how natural healing works.


That's when you experience epic transformation, cultivate a huge amount of life force energy and take back your power.


Learning + Experience = Knowledge 


If you really want to know yourself on a deep soul level you need to do more than read books.


You must have a body rocking, soul stirring experience that causes a chemical chain reaction in your body that leads to the creation of true self love


Support = Success



We become the 5 people we hang out with the most so choose your team wisely because your life and happiness depend on it.


"Team work makes the dream work."



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I've created 7 Sacred Rituals for Epic Transformation.


For whatever needs a tune up.




















What you imagine is possible when you have the tools + support to get what you need.





Meet Patty, who co owns and operates the concepts at BaXar in Pie de la Cuesta, MX and MangleX in Tulum, MX.

This Woman is a warrior, a mother of two and a queen. A loving wife and a devoted teammate, friend and someone I consider a soul sister.

I have had the honor of being invited into her life and her family and boy do I stir up some energy!

Patty is always patient, kind and unconditionally loving in a way I have rarely encountered in this life.

Just before the end of Patty's 20 Day Transformation I started to notice a subtle shift in energy.

Patty is changing. More energy, lots of confidence and beautiful posture + grace with just a touch of fire.

I love this Woman and am so excited that we get to work together this year hosting transformation events in Mexico.

The Universe knows what it's doing.





This is Charlotte.

She is a creative genius, photographer, videographer and a master at navigating the idiosyncrasies of the 21st century digital age.

When she arrived at BaXar January 9, 2019 she was low on energy from her fast paced life in LA and was searching for direction, purpose and stability in her life.

This powerful, magical Woman went deep for 20 days and showed UP for herself and this journey of transformation.

I'm so proud of her for eating intuitively, sweating profusely and navigating her video production skills with her participation in the Transformation Event.

Girl, you are a superstar and we love you. Well done and congratulations.

Thanks for giving us a voice and seeing who we really are deep inside.




There really isn't a word strong enough for how I feel about this amazing Woman.

When we first met she was feeling depressed, uninspired and frustrated with life in general.

I noticed when she walked down the stairs she would turn sideways and grab the handrail for security.

She complained of low back pain from years of caring for a special needs child and then adult whom she was required to carry everywhere.

This Woman has the heart of an angel and the courage of a lioness.

In two months she regained her deep core connection.

She found happiness + peace with herself and her body and mastered control of her hips and pelvic muscles.

She also built a lot of inner strength through breathwork and meditation and gained the balance and stability to gracefully and with a fun, easy confidence navigate the stairs without the rail.

Here's to you Magdelena, well done. 


Lenny is a whip smart warrior of a Woman who is a whiz with numbers.
Lenny runs operations at BaXar and looks after the staff and the financials.
This wild, independent, intelligent triple threat is also funny, super sarcastic and a little bit mischievous with a hint of magick in her eyes.
Which is naturally why I love her so much.
Lenny started the 20 Day Transformation with a serious disconnection to her lower (transverse) abs and pelvic floor muscles.
She was strong and fit and missing out on one of her greatest super powers.
I call this area of the body "the second line of defense" against dysfunctional movement that can cause injury.
A solid connection with this part of her body + daily energy and breathwork have changed Lenny's movement karma forever.
Now Lenny's body is catching up with her brilliant mind in strength and speed. So proud of you girl. 






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