Shakti Ignite, Transformation Adventures


The adventure of your life begins here


"Shakti" is a Sanskrit word that means Power.


Turn obstacles into opportunities, earn your own trust and light a fire inside that keeps you feeling stoked all year.


The past 6 years, a group of curious explorers meets up at BaXar Hotel in Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco MX to discover more about our hidden Nature.


Welcome home, come as you are.




"If you are wondering if this event will be worth it, please take my word that it made me so GRATEFUL that I gave it to myself. Just returned home from Kiya and BaXar last night. Went with my two friends and not only did WE all bond together, but I got a good hard look into myself. Took time FOR myself. Felt muscles and emotions new to me. Watched the sun come up with delight (I never do this at home). Special doesn't even begin to describe."


 - Sue Glader January, 2020





  "It felt like a makeover for my mind, body and spirit."


- Christine McGraw April, 2019


Ready to experience true soul connection ... with yourself? 




I'm a hippie kid at heart who grew up in Alaska.


My friends from around the world and I have created a transformation event to show adults new ways to play + connect in nature and experience more emotional, physical + energetic freedom. 


Using a mix of science + art + soul we craft a custom experience that becomes a lifelong memory.


For most, it also feels like a moment of lasting shift.


Natural movement creates fitness you crave.


7 ways we facilitate epic transformation for our clients:







"Shakti" is a Sanskrit word that means Power + Divine Energy.


Energy Work is a game changer and the secret to radiant health at every age.







The words you choose create your custom reality.


Craft a powerful dialog with yourself and the world to get results quickly and easefully.







What if you thought you were driving a Toyota your whole life.


Then woke up one day and realized it was a Porsche.


That is how using Active Internal Resistance Training (AIR) works for your body.


Ready to maximize your human potential using your own body weight + objects found in nature? 







Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed + Local.




High vibe, superfood meals, snacks, smoothies, bowls, juices, tonics + elixirs to heal your body and expand your mind.







Sound is the fastest way to shift your energetic vibration and make you feel good.


We curate internationally celebrated musicians + DJ's to create live music for classes and a soundtrack for the week as authentic as your personal journey of transformation.







When you synch your body's natural rhythm with the electromagnetic frequency of Planet Earth, it's easier to remember who you are.


Natural energy is like an antidepressant so you regain your motivation + lust for life.







Having an adventurous experience stimulates the same biochemical chain reaction in the human body as falling in love.


When you realize you are stronger, faster and smarter than you thought it gives you a huge boost of confidence.


Authentic self expression is the definition of self esteem.


The more you learn about who you are the easier it is to practice self care.


Ready to fall in love... with yourself?


2020 Events at BaXar Hotel:



March 27 - April 1 *SPRING


Events have 10 spots available.


Rooms are private (unless a shared room is requested)


It's time to have some FUN so this is a party for our people. 


Price: $2500 (flexible payment plans available) and includes everything below:


 Welcome to Pie de la Cuesta, Mexico.




"Just 10km from Acapulco is the tranquil seaside suburb of Pie de la Cuesta, a rustic beach town occupied by some terrific guesthouses and seafood restaurants. But it’s the odd combination of dramatic sunset views from the long beach and bloody sunrises over the lagoon that have made Pie de la Cuesta famous, for the town sits on a narrow strip of land bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Laguna de Coyuca (where part of Rambo: First Blood Part II was filmed). The large freshwater lagoon contains several islands including Isla Pájaros, a bird sanctuary. " -Lonely Planet



What's included + what to expect... 




6 days + 5 nights stay in a private king

room at BaXar Eco Hotel.


Each guest will enjoy a private room to ensure plenty of space and time for reflection and deep rest.




5 x Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner.

Fresh Juices, Smoothies, Elixirs, Tonics + Superfood Snacks.


The restaurant at the BaXar Hotel is Chipina, named after the owner's grandmother. The energy and food are a direct reflection of this epic Woman and all her spirit, depth, wisdom + charisma. I had the honor of meeting and living closely with Chipina and I can say that she is a unique + magical soul.




SUP Lagoon Adventure


"The Laguna de Coyuca is an undiscovered treasure." -Trip Advisor


Explore the expansive and untouched nature of this special body of water by stand up paddle board. SUP is a great way to practice balance and activate your smaller assisting + deep muscles. Adventure into the mangrove with our nature guide and owner of BaXar Hotel, Christopher Garcia. You'll enjoy a unique group meditation in the middle of the lagoon which makes this a mystical and unforgettable tour.   




Temezcal Ceremony


La Barra is the strip of pristine, untouched beach in Pie de la Cuesta that goes for miles. Here the local Shamen provides a sacred temezcal or sweat lodge used for deep healing and transformation. This ancient indigenous ritual includes 4 rounds or "seasons" of singing, tea drinking, flower ceremony and prayers...for starters.  




Isla Montosa Lagoon Adventure + Wakeboarding


It's time to fall in love with adventure! This time we load into speed boats and hit the lagoon for wake boarding with Fernando, our own private instructor. "Fer" will ensure your comfort and safety and make sure you not only get up on the board but have the adrenaline infused, heart pumping time of your life. Next up is lunch, dancing and homemade mezcal with a local family owned restaurant on Isla Montosa. The mezcal is distilled with fresh coconut water so it's infused with electrolytes and never causes a hangover. 




Private Acapulco Airport Transfers


You will be met at the Acapulco Airport in the state of Guerrero, MX by your own private driver. I carefully choose every driver who'll be holding a sign that has your name written clearly. Since there are only a few flights into Acapulco each day, chances are you will be meeting the other Women at bag check and will have a chance to catch up with your fellow adventure buddies prior to arrival at BaXar. This is also a good chance to stop at the store or pharmacy in Acapulco to pick up any last minute supplies before heading into the boonies. 




HIIT, Yoga + AIR Bar™ Classes Daily


All classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of a first time beginner to fitness, those returning to exercise after a hiatus or the professional athlete looking to take their workout to the next level. I have been teaching group fitness passionately on a global scale for 18 years. I have a special gift for creating class experiences that are fun + fierce. I live for the moment when you realize what a bad ass you were all along. 




Musicians + Internationally Celebrated DJ’s


I am obsessed with Electronic Dance Music and epic tunes are my secret for motivation and deep emotional healing. That's why I hire talented, creative musical genius DJ's to rock your classes live and create a life changing soundtrack for your personal transformation experience. We also hire percussionists, drummers and sound healers to enhance the fitness experience as well as help you relax and shift into higher vibrational frequencies. 




Special Guest Trainers, Teachers + Healers


I've been studying movement across cultures for almost two decades and have met some of the most talented and magickcal trainers, healers, therapists, shaman/women + coaches on the planet who will enhance the healing journey and provide you will all the help you need to experience an epic shift in your body and in your life. 




Private Training w/ Kiya


I have a unique approach to fitness training that is anything but mainstream. I limit the group size to 10 Women  so that I can meet with each guest on a personal level and dive deep to discover "hacks" for your unique body and lifestyle. When you attend Shakti Ignite you are initiated into a global sisterhood of Warrior Women all part of a private facebook group where we share wins, hold each other accountable and motivate one another to ensure lasting results. 




AIR Bar™


It's so much more than a stick.


Get ready to practice staff magic with streaming workouts at home because you're leaving with your own AIR Bar™. 




Swag Bag


Each year I reach out to conscious companies who wish to share high vibe products with my guests. Every year is a new and delightful bag of goodies for you to enjoy on the beach, at the lagoon and take home as souvenirs of your time in paradise. 




Professional Photos + Videos


 I believe that epic photos + videos enhance your experience and help you stay motivated + inspired all year long. You will have a chance to enjoy your own private, professional photoshoot if you wish as well as a package of high quality photos and videos to take home and share with your friends + family. You will be able to look back and relive the transformation experience all over again any time you're missing the club. 




Sitka, Alaska - Island Adventure in "The Last Frontier."


 August 3 - 8, 2020 (10 spots available)

Click here to get details before they are available online.


Tulum, Mexico - A Mayan Style Adventure.


November, 2020 (10 spots available)

Click here to get details before they are available online.