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Did you know that as human beings, we are in a constant state of transition?


Every moment the molecular structure of your physical, emotional and energetic bodies is changing from one quantum state to another.


Add in the fact that everything else around us is also constantly changing, that is a lot of energy in motion or emotions.




Kristin Lee ENERGY WORK, Online Sessions


Welcome to the AIR Bar team, Kristin Lee.


Kristin Lee is a:


Reiki Master

Sport Scientist

Personal Trainer

and bad ass energy worker.


Kristin and I went to college together and I'm super pumped to get you access to all of her supernatural healing energy work online, anytime, anywhere.



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Who is online "energy work" for:


People who feel “stuck” or stagnant in an area of their life.


Those who feel out of alignment or are going through a transitional period, overwhelmed by their emotions and do not know how to shift or manage those emotions in a healthy way.


What is Virtual ENERGY WORK?


Online Energy Work with Kristin assists in the healing and re-alignment of the body's energetic system through conversation and distant healing practices. 


Where do sessions take place:


Zoom or Skype with video or audio only option. 


Why purchase online energy work sessions with Kristin Lee:


Clear old emotional trauma

Activate the heart space

Re-align with your higher self


How do sessions work:


First Steps: Schedule a free 10 minute meet+ greet call with Kristin by clicking on any of the book now buttons on this page. 


Schedule time w/ Kristin:


Answer pre-session questionnaire which will be sent to you in advance via email


What to expect during + after your sessions:



Clear/balance your energy system


Release of energies that no longer serve you


Shifts in perspective through conversation and distance healing modalities




1-1 distant healing or "activation" session options:


1 Hour Session $65


 SALE $45


Packages available on request. 


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