Mexico is calling ...

I can feel the warm, sweet energy when I land in Acapulco, Mexico.


It's a heart sensation that mostly feels like my grandmother’s big, silly hug.


Talking a lot to hear myself think is something I’m working on so it’s nice to spend time in a place where my vocabulary is limited and every full sentence feels like a victory.


My friends at BaXar call me “the silly blonde girl” in Spanish behind my back just loud enough for me to hear and giggle at myself with them.


When I’m at the beach, far away from anything or anyone that feels “normal” I have an opportunity to create some ironic distance from myself and tap into the divine, mystical creature I am, that we all are.


The Universe is a pattern of cycles moving us in and out of growth, transformation and evolution.


Flying south each winter is a calling my bird tribe understands and feels too.


This aching need for electric waves that crash through my perceived limitations during morning meditation and whisper me to sleep under the moon at night.


As the cab door swings open each year, I kick off my shoes to begin this process of connection with the delicious vibrations at the beach while my feet play high five with Mother Nature.


Each day at the edge of the Earth, away from the cities and noise, next to the ocean, under the moon I grow closer to my true nature.


And all my senses come alive in the pure magic of outdoor living.


It’s easy to forget who we are and be lost in the beautiful chaos of life.


So I’m starting this new decade with an emotional and physical cleanse, an energetic upgrade and a supportive community of bad ass babes who have my back.


And you are also invited.


January 10, 2020 is the first day of Shakti Ignite Fitness + Adventure Retreat at BaXar Hotel in Pie de la Cuesta and it falls on a lunar eclipse.


This will open an energetic portal and over the next 5 days we’ll play, sweat, explore, cleanse and master simple + exciting ways to re calibrate our bodies and minds to the new energy frequencies being introduced to our planet right now.


As a sensitive empath I’ve learned how important it is to have the right tools, skills and community to support my evolution in the highest and most comfortable way possible.


This year, January 10-15, 2020 I’ll be teaming up with two very special Men who I also consider my soul brothers:


Christopher Garcia is the creator of the BaXar Hotel concept in Pie de la Cuesta.


We met a decade ago in Tulum and I have been hosting events at BaXar for the past 5 years.


Christopher is intimately connected to the local community and leads our adventures into the Laguna de Coyuca and to the Temezcal.


Christopher has studied the history of indigenous tribes in Mexico and helps us understand our connection to the natural world, local community, each other and most importantly with ourselves.


Joao Adilson Balderas Alarcón is a special energy worker and spiritual teacher from Mexico City and the creator of Keyeres, a unique fitness/yoga/dance class which incorporates long bamboo sticks to work with our own energy and the energy around us. (you can see why we click).


The three of us invite you to discover yourself beyond what you already know this winter at BaXar.


We have an amazing group for event and 2 spots remaining.


For my wanderlust friends with a last minute urge to spread your wings and land in a place entirely unexpected, where you just may feel a sensation of coming home, to yourself … again.


Can’t wait to meet you on the other side.


Grab one of the last 2 spots by simply contacting me by email using the contact form below and I’ll reach out right away to fill you in.


New decade,


who dat?


I’m ready.


Are you?


Hugs and high fives, don't hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can help.




Kiya Fire



Click here to find out more about the event this January at Baxar.

Hit me UP, let's chat.