Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco, Mexico


BaXar Hotel

Av. Fuerza Aerea #356

Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco, Mexico

01 744 460 25 02


Current natural conditions on the beach:


81 F

77% Humidity

5 mph Wind

0% Precipitation


You’ll want baggy, light, comfortable clothing around the small boutique hotel and town of Pie de la Cuesta.


For workouts you’ll want shorts, bathing suits, sports bras … I bring one pair of stretchy pants and a few baggy dance pants.


We do most workouts barefoot. You are always welcome to wear shoes if that is most comfortable for you.



Suggested Packing List For Pie de la Cuesta January 10-15, 2020:


Bathing Suits



Flip Flops


Mosquito Spray

Tennis Shoes

Small Backpack






Small Flashlight

Sun Dress

Baggy Beach Pants

Loose, Comfy Tanks

Light Sweatshirt

Water Bottle

Yoga Mat



Acapulco Airport Arrivals:


It’s likely you will be riding with others.


The airport is small and charming and has only a few flights per day.


You will already have cleared customs when you land in Acapulco.


If you have bags, the signs are clearly marked and most people are willing to try some English if you need a hand.


You will see a money exchange to the right exiting the airport to meet your driver.


This is a great place to change US dollars for Pesos.


Once you get to the beach cash machines are limited and unreliable and most places do not accept a card.

Welcome to paradise and the simple life.


Please dress casual, no big flashy jewelry or designer bags.


It’s always best to blend in and act natural.


I have been traveling to Acapulco and Pie de la Cuesta for 6 years now and have always felt safe.


I will be available by phone, text, whats app, Facebook and instagram throughout your entire arrival and departure days so don’t hesitate to reach out.


I am your angel on the ground and will be excitedly awaiting your arrival at BaXar with the crew.





When you pull up at BaXar Hotel, you will step out near the reception desk where you will be checking in.


The staff is warm and will know who you are.


Do not hesitate to ask for what you need, we do our best.


You will get a key to your room and we will show you where to land, rest, wash up and chill in preparation for your adventure.


You made it- breathe deep the fun is about to begin.


Chipina, is the restaurant at Baxar where we will eat.


All meals and snacks are provided as scheduled.


You are more than welcome to eat and drink as much as you like just be aware that alcoholic beverages and meals eaten outside of our schedule will be billed to your room and you will pay as you check out.


Cards are accepted at BaXar for a small extra fee.


There is also usually an international transaction fee from the bank so cash is King on the beach.


It’s nice to budget for an extra staff tip here and there at the end of the week in case you feel like rewarding those who went above and beyond.


We include a base tip for all staff members and work it into the price of the event however, it is meaningful to let someone special know they are doing a great job in this setting.


For those who are dying to see an itinerary, you won’t.


Part of an epic adventure is experiencing the unexpected however there are a few keys facts that will help you pack and prep:


You will be wake boarding, yes- even you.


We have amazing private instructors who work magic on every human I have ever seen them touch regardless of age, weight or physical activity level.


We will never force you into something you don’t wish to participate, but be prepared to surprise yourself. You will be stand up paddle boarding.


You will participate in a sweat lodge ceremony that is very controlled and safe. You will be eating new and wonderful foods with strange and memorable flavors.


Be open minded however, PLEASE let us know in advance if you have any allergies or food sensitivities. We are happy to accommodate you.


I’m going to leave you with this for now to soak in, more to come as we near arrival day at BaXar. Thank you for trusting us with your Holiday.


I am excited and honored to lead this group of rockstar women into the New Year.


See you soon and don’t forget to check out the Packing Guide Video for last minute suggestions and to get a sneak peak at exactly what’s going in my suitcase this year, whoop!




Kiya Fire


If you have questions, feel free to post in the private facebook group.


I check in there most days and will get right back to you.