Build foundational strength to support your wild adventures.


15 minute eXpress, lower body precision sculpt class. 


The AIR Bar™ makes it possible to activate more muscles, deeper, through a greater range of motion in less time.


I love things that are efficient.


You spend less time practicing the moves and more time creating adventure in your own life w/ your new skills.  




Deep core connection starts w/ activation.


Your muscles communicate through a web of connective tissue that senses vibrations called fascia.


My goal is to create the most effective way for you to activate as many muscles together at one time as possible.


More activation = more energy. 


The AIR Bar™ works like an instant "hack" to find greater connection w/ difficult to locate + activate muscles deep in your core body.


More activation = more stability.


Turning on these "body guard" muscles for a few minutes each day starts to make you feel like your sexy ass, fully energized, clear, calm, assertive self. 





Get an edge in life when you train your body to react quickly + instinctively. 


Fast twitch muscle fibers are one key to feeling powerful + ready pretty much all the time.


Similar to traditional Martial Arts, we practice breaking through our own heavy, energetic resistance to make art out of war which we rage on ourselves (yeah, you). 


Let's work together to tweak your body's energetic blueprint.


I'll teach you how your energy anatomy looks, feels and functions so you can make subtle changes to your own reality whenever needed.


Understand the tiny moments which create each of your personal movement patterns.

Break down the motion in class to react faster, more instinctively w/ greater stability, balance and support when life serves up chaos. 


That's what The Club calls "energetic Kung Fu."


Ninja style, Babes.   





Barefoot training helps you build natural, intuitive, synergistic muscle activation patterns through your entire body.


Shoes limit natural range of motion and keep our feet protected.


Training barefoot effectively restores your body's most ideal + powerful postures by allowing more movement freedom + possibility in every range of motion.


Start slow and work up to feeling comfortable w/ a full-on barefoot workout.


When I started teaching w/ out shoes right around 2012, it felt a little crazy and people taking my classes kept looking at me funny.


My intuition says "do it!" plus, my results have been phenomenal and I enjoy how natural + primal it feels, so I listen to my gut.


Practice for the life you want to live.


How do you really want to FEEL in your body? 


Slow down a bit during this class and feel for intuitive, energetic cues about your true needs + desires.


Be compassionate with your body, it makes a big difference in how you feel about yourself on a soul level.


Here's a clip so you know what's cummin':  



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