AIR Bar™ Teacher Training- MX Feb 7-12, 2020


Add excitement to your successful Personal Training career.


Outdoor Adventure Trainers know how to tap into Nature and create fitness classes that inspire creativity, sustainability + change people's lives. 


Hotels, Retreats, Spas, Resorts and Private Clients seek Certified Adventure Fitness Trainers who have the skills to work anywhere, anytime under most natural conditions. 


Motivated Fitness Trainers w/ Nature Skills Can Travel + Play Outside for a Living.



 I've been doing it almost 20 years. 


I became an entrepreneur to solve a problem.


Most Trainers I know want to make better money. 




To get outside, travel + explore the Natural World and feel fully alive.


I totally get it.


I've been hustling, traveling + teaming up with Hotels, Retreats, Fitness Spas and Private Clients globally for almost two decades.


It's not because I have a ton of cash and all the right connections. When I started w/ Club Med in my early 20's I didn't know anyone. I'm a geeky, small town kid w/ a big imagination and a lot of faith in myself. 


I live life on my own terms mostly, because I'm willing to do what other Trainers won't.


I'm outgoing, creative and intensely passionate about living an epic life that turns me on in a big way. No matter what's happening outside, I can count on my simple, natural fitness practice to keep me focused, strong and tuned into my inner wisdom.


When I listen to my gut + use smart logic, my life feels more energetically engaging and synchronistic. I've stayed true to my path by following my curiosity over the fear and not compromising my standards.


Hosting fitness classes in a variety of unusual, natural environments has given me a specific skillset that makes me uniquely qualified for outdoor adventure fitness opportunities.


Outdoor Adventure Fitness Training makes life more exiting. You have an opportunity to connect w/ people from all walks of life and learn about different cultures. 


Immersion into a new culture adds depth to your character and builds your charisma (life force energy). That's how you cultivate a kick ass personality that most people you meet find memorable. 


When you focus on creating awesome personal energy + prepare your body for epic adventurous training opportunities, quality Clients and Companies kill to work w/ you.




I've teamed up with companies like:


Escape To Shape, Club Med, Fit & Fly Girl, Fab Fit Travel, Bikini Bootcamp and I've mentored trainers w/ my retreat concept, WEightless Escape - Costa Rica & Malibu.


I've landed fitness gigs traveling to:


Africa, Japan, South of France, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic 


And I've worked events in hot destinations like:


Ibiza, Marrakech, Kyoto, Hamptons, Keyeres, Tulum, Cannes, Monaco, Hudson   



Be an AirBar fit Teacher trainer


Lead your own AIR Bar™ events, I'll show you exactly how from start to finish. 



We become the people we meet and the experiences we create for ourselves.


I'm huge proponent of personal growth. I believe possibilities become probabilities and then your reality, w/ the right set of skills + tools for the job. 


I'm showing you my proven strategies for landing sweets jobs in awesome locations working w/ interesting people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.  





Learn how to create your own online AIR Bar™ Classes.


During your 1 year digital nomad fitness mentorship I'll show you exactly how to shoot, edit, post, optimize + promote your AIR Bar™ Classes online and connect with your own "soul mate" clients.


Building trust with clients online inspires them to participate in your outdoor adventure trips and events. 





When you teach AIR Bar™ Fitness online, you can host your own events and train private clients anywhere in the world you wish. 


I've been doing it for years. 







I explore Planet Earth leading fitness w/ some top travel brands.


Now you can too. 


This is the year, your career starts to make sense.





I'm craving lasting relationships with reliable Trainers who wish to join the AIR Bar™ Fitness Team.


I'll make sure you know exactly what it takes to travel teaching fitness classes, host your own AIR Bar™ Events + work as a digital nomad online from anywhere in the world you wish.


Can you taste the freedom?


"The wellness travel market is worth $639 billion and has been growing at a rate of 6.5% from 2015–2017. The growth rate for tourism overall is 3.2% so wellness traveling is growing twice as fast." -


AIR Bar™ Fitness is a unique, science based workout that opens doors to top resorts, boutique hotels and sold out events worldwide all seeking a specific set of skills + talent that Outdoor Adventure Fitness Trainers have.


"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." -African Proverb


I've honed a skill set as a career PT that helps me develop Trainer's specific "talents" and teach effective ways to manifest ultimate career outcomes w/ a minimal amount of added stress. I can sense your higher potential the first time we chat so I'm passionate about showing you ways to recognize your own greatness and then act on it in a big way.


I'm ready to massively have your back and be your biggest fan this year. Your achievements are the team's success so I'm going to gently nudge you to do more of the work that inspires your greatest gifts and cultivates a deep sense of personal power and unshakable inner confidence. 




I never did anything worth doing that didn't scare me a little.


Move beyond your comfort zone to find the magick you're possibly missing. 




Invest in a training w/ the creative juice you need to boost your bottom line and your lust for life. 


 Gain a niche talent that sets you apart + makes you shine in your market.


 Learn how to create + promote your own AIR Bar™ classes online from anywhere in the world.


Get your own professional business webpage we'll design + build together featuring your story, experience, credentials, top AIR Bar™ video trailers and upcoming global and local events so your clients and collaborators know exactly where to find you and learn what offerings you are creating next. 


 Teach your own online AIR Bar™ Classes and create series, online workshops and mini courses as drip content for your fans on AIRBARFIT.COM, shot on location at the world's best beaches and rad outdoor, urban environments.


I'll show you how I get creative w/ my online business, rarely spend money on social media ads and still sell out internal events every year. 


 Collaborate with our team of Artists, Photographers, DJ's, Teachers, Trainers, Business Owners + Healers from all over the world to create solid business relationships w/ Professionals who want your help.


When you attend an AIR Bar™ Teacher Training and sign up for a year's mentorship I'll introduce you to a community of conscious entrepreneurs I've built relationships with over the years. It really is all about who you know. 


 Go beyond Physical Anatomy and Physiology + learn how Energy Work can transform your Client's bodies and lives FAST.


Active Internal Resistance Training is the evolution of Isolated Body Part Training (Bodybuilding) and Integrated Bodyweight Training.


Discover AIR Training repairs damaged tissues and stabilizes weakened joints by helping you regain your most instinctive, natural movement patterns, postural alignment and range of motion.


Show your Clients simple, immediate "hacks" to create more balance, stability, mobility and deep core strength in their bodies the very first class.






Dates TBA

Online Teacher Training Coming soon... 




Let's team up