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Kiya BioKiya Knight is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and certified strength and conditioning specialist with a degree in sport science from the University of Idaho. She’s dedicated the past 18 years of her life to traveling the world and studying movement in a variety of cultures across the globe.

Kiya believes there is more to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle than counting calories and exercising for hours at the gym to achieve an ultimate physique. Science + Soul is a combination of movement, nutrition and mindset with the addition of energy anatomy to help her clients release emotional energy that keeps them feeling and looking heavy body, mind and soul. By working with the physical body as well as the energy anatomy clients achieve results that are powerfully sustainable for life!





"AIR Bar™ gave me the power and knowledge to change my body and my mind forever. I was told after several surgeries that I could never lift more than 15lbs. and "high impact" exercises were off the table for life. Since AIR Bar uses Active Internal Resistance I was confident that I wouldn't hurt myself. This was the first "training" I was able to do. The program gave me strength in my core, arms and legs that I have never had. I could actually see the definition in my arms and legs after only a month. Kiya encouraged me to push the limits I had in my mind for what my body was capable of doing. With every session, I improved and gained even more confidence. Today I am a completely different person. I can run, jump and even lift weights. None of this would have ever been possible for me without Kiya. She taught me how to use my 3 lines of defense to exercise properly and safely. I will use these techniques for the rest of my life and continue to gain muscle mass, coordination and strength. More than anything though, Kiya taught me to believe in myself and not limit what my body is able to do. "

Jessica Roth Phoenix, AZ


"I wanted to say how much I love AIR Bar, as hard as it is to get through sometimes! I seriously cry on the drive home almost every time because your class is very spiritual to me and is very therapeutic. I always feel a little more cleansed each time! And physically stronger too. So thank you is all I can say! "

Julie Hyde Phoenix, AZ


"I have never met a personal trainer like Kiya - and I've met a lot through my job as a fitness journalist. Our paths crossed on a beach in Mexico, and I was immediately impressed with her. Her unique combination of in depth knowledge, transformational energy, divine spark and dedicated interest in the people she helps is unmatched. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a star!"

Vivian Songe, Norway  



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