The Active Internal Resistance (AIR Bar™) is made of wood and is manufactured by a company that creates martial arts equipment. The Bar screws together in the middle for easier transport. 


AIR Bar is a passion project and as we explore, discover and refine the method we will also be diligently redesigning the Bar to incorporate other natural elements and new design ideas. 


The Bar is made of wood because unlike metals and plastics, wood is a natural and powerful conductor of energy. The AIR Bar is a simple, powerful and effective channel for energy through your body while you move. 


Being able to connect with your body, your breath and your energy during a workout enhance the experience and leave you wanting more instead of dreading the next session.


Your purchase of this first run, original AIR Bar helps to support a 9 year vision to uplift and empower Women through movement, breath, music and intention.


I am on a mission to share my love of sport science, group fitness and energy work with Women from all walks of life all over the world. 






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